söndag 8 april 2018

språkval 9:an

Listening comprehension:

week 15 
hearing comprehension

Plastic money

  1. Listen to the conversation and answer the worksheet
  2. Do the vocabulary task
  3. Done? Well revisit the link above and look at the transcript, practice reading it together in pairs or individually. 
Reading comprehension
Odd news

Finish yesterdays task

Week 16
Monday: NP prep

A listening comprehension: A garden bench
After listening and filling out the worksheet there is a vocabulary task to be done...

A reading comprehension: A Multicultural City
Vocabulary task:
Difficult words

Week 17
Monday: Avicii the documentary

Thursday: Avicii 1.01.30

Mixed up Madness, The Two Jacks

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Week: 15 Tuesday Listening comprehension: plastic money Listen to a dialogue and...